Dr. Rupa, talks about the healing power of plants!

Dr. Rupa Shah truly believes in the healing power of food. In an exclusive interview with Wegan Foods, she talks about her 10 year long journey with veganism and healing her patients with the help of plant based eating and flower remedies.  

When and how Dr. Rupa started her dairy free journey

10 years ago, Dr. rupa attended a seminar, where she discovered that there was something not correct about milk/dairy products and so she decided to go off dairy for 30 days. At that time she wasn’t aware what may happen because in her mind it appeared quite extreme to give up milk and milk products. So she started with her 30 days experiment; however, she continued using curd in some of the recipes. She communicated to her entire joint family that she won’t be consuming any dairy products for the next 30 days. Also, in the beginning she wasn’t too sure if she wanted to go off milk forever; she simply considered it a month long experiment. But to her surprise, her recurring problems of acidity, indigestion and severe migraine headaches for (persistent since 18 years) just disappeared in those 30 days. Plus, she lost a couple of kilos and felt very light and she started to feel a lot more energetic. She was completely overwhelmed by how her body was responding so well to a dairy free diet . That’s how she decided to go 100% dairy free instead of 90% and now she wakes up predictably healthy and she claims to be barely sick!

1) How can one benefit from a plant based/vegan diet?

Dr Rupa: I am 57 years old and a lot of women my age take medication for blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol or joint pain, but i don’t have any of these health issues; I am not on any medication. All my health parameters are measured every year and everything is normal. It goes without saying that a plant based/vegan diet has a lot of health benefits.

2) As per your research and experiment what was wrong with the milk/dairy products?

Dr Rupa: when I saw such remarkable results after my 30 day experiment I realised I was on to something. My migraine magically disappeared after 18 years. It dawned on me that despite being a doctor for so many years, I hadn’t seen any patient getting better by going off milk. And I started with my research by studying all about it; there is this website called and other books to understand why dairy is not meant for humans. Somewhere around this time, I also discovered the concepts of whole foods plant based diet and veganism. In the process of finding what was wrong with milk, I collected a lot of data from health point of view and ever since I have been helping people reverse diabetes, thyroid, obesity, pcod and blood pressure by changing their diet and lifestyle; mainly by going vegan.

Also, in the early days, milk wasn’t so adulterated and the consumption was also not so high. In the last 40 years, a lot has changed in the dairy industry. By giving cattle hormones, antibiotics and foods that have pesticides, the quality of the milk has drastically deteriorated.

The history of milk dates back to the reign of Aryans – 2000 years ago when Aryans came they brought cattle with them. As a vegan, I eat a lot and don’t feel heavy at all. Also not to mention A plant based diet is full of nutrients and highly sustainable. Cow’s milk is for calves to become 200 kgs in less than 2 year so it is very high in fat and protein for the calves to become really big and not for us. And if we as humans continue to consume it then we receive the stimulation of hormones from that animal, which may lead of hormonal issues, lifestyle disorders, weight gain, etc.. Also, in the olden days it was easy to digest milk and milk products due to the hard work done in the fields but since last 40 years we have observed people get diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, etc. despite exercising. The complete reversal of disease was seen in these patients by changing their diets to whole foods plant based or vegan. It is a joke to me now that people come with a whole lot of prescriptions and ask if they can get better? And my answer to them is give up on dairy and see how everything changes!

3) Can you tell us about your vegan journey?

Dr Rupa: I initially became vegan for health reasons and later I came to know about the spiritual aspect of becoming a vegan. There is a lot of cruelty involved when we consume any animal products. In the process, I also learnt the environmental aspects of being a vegan and how one can protect the environment. So, these are the three reasons why I embraced veganism.

4) Is dairy free, plant based or vegan diet easily adaptable?

No, it is not easily adaptable. As for my patients, I firstly call the couple (husband and wife) together because if the patient’s wife doesn’t agree, these things don’t happen, as wives are very resistant on cooking different meals for different family members. So some inspiration is required for the women of the house to do so. For that, I figured a solution by writing a dairy free recipe book and I have uploaded some recipe videos online, which are easy to follow. I then give them a choice, if they want to consume a list of medicines or make some healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Once their blood sugar starts falling in 2-3 weeks (some of them see that happening within a week) they get very motivated. Plus when they lose a couple of kilos effortlessly, they are all the more motivated.

5) Are there lots of dairy free or vegan products/ingredients available in India or is it difficult?

It’s not at all difficult, to get dairy free or vegan products/ingredients in India but when sometimes you have to make it yourself, it can seem inconvenient. For so many years, we are used to getting milk at our doorstep or used to  picking up products straight from the supermarket shelves. So sometimes when the dairy free options are not available or out of stock, you can simply take fresh pieces of coconut, put it in your blender with some water and in 2 minutes you have a fresh glass of dairy free milk ready. It all depends on how motivated you are.

6) As a doctor, would you recommend including nutritional yeast/nooch to one’s diet? If yes, then why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend including nutritional yeast/nooch to one’s diet. I use it as cheese or for making cheese. It does have a nutritious profile but cannot be considered as a primary source of nutrients. It can be used as a nutritious food additive.

7) What is Nature Healing Remedy and do you practice it?

Using healing energies from nature in the form of either flower remedies or gem remedies or plant based remedies, which are cruelty free and not tested on animals or have animal products. Lot of our diseases start with our roots in the mind and emotions and modern medicine doesn’t bother to link it up or treat. Also, in modern medicine there is a different medicine for different illness and is a very fragmented approach whereas, nature’s healing remedy is a holistic approach. Flower remedy is very good to treat, keeping in mind your habits and emotions and is more of a complete approach. It’s very effective and there are no side effects; we also give to babies and animals are also treated with the same.

Flower Remedies

8) How can flower remedy and veganism go hand in hand?

Flower remedy can be taken by anyone, vegan or not vegan, however, the foundation of my therapy is non-violence. Those who are vegan do not prefer allopathic medicine because it is tested on animals or have animal products so they are very hesitant about taking those medicines and that’s where we provide plant based remedies.

9) Since you are from the medical field can you shed some light on the sustainability factor of plant based diet and veganism

It’s 100% sustainable because one reduces the burden of medical and healthcare expenses plus the output of people falling ill is much less. Plant based diet is very good for the environment which will be better for us in the long run and the  most important thing is that people remain more healthy and productive even in their 80s by adding 20 more years to their life.

Plus animal agriculture automatically reduces in quantum as our demand for animal products go away. It’s only demand and supply kind of a market, the moment you don’t demand milk there will be no manipulation. Currently milk is in demand and required in almost every household to restaurant foods and almost 80% of the dishes have milk or milk products. Cheese consumption is at an all time high and nowadays, we are importing cheese as well. However, by following a plant based diet or being vegan, you are no longer exploiting animals or the environment.

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