Your Plant Based / Vegan Pantry Essentials!

There is a reason plant based food is the biggest trend of 2018. Gone are the days when vegan /plant based foods were compared to a bowl of salad. With thousands of varieties of plants and millions of recipes doing the rounds on the Internet, you can literally not run out of ideas. While making the switch to a plant based diet, things can seem a little overwhelming. It’s always best to keep things simple and buy more and more stuff, which is affordable and accessible.

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Here is your go to list for a plant based / vegan pantry!

vegan pantry essentials

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It goes without saying that a plant based diet is by far the healthiest, most sustainable and affordable diet. It is great for your body, the environment and other earthlings. We only have two places to live – our bodies and our precious planet. Let’s make choices that look after both of them!

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