Plant Based/ Vegan Gems in Bandra – Part II

We have discovered for you some more plant based/ vegan hidden gems in Mumbai’s Queen of Suburbs, Bandra! Plant based eating is a trend, which is here to stay. Here are our favourite gems!

Ray’s Café & Pizzeria

Vegan Pizza at Ray’s Café & Pizzeria

Eating at Ray’s Café & Pizzeria is like visiting your Italian grandma during summer holidays for a home cooked meal. This café in bandra makes you feel homely and has a very pleasant ambience since it’s a restored cottage! They have the most amazing wood burn pizzas and they have limited desserts but delicious ones… Plus they have a special vegan menu! Vegan folks must try the Eggplant Marinara Pizza; it’s just heavenly!

Bombay Salad Company

Vegan Salad at Bombay Salad Company

Bombay Salad Company believes that our health should not be at the mercy of fads and diets, neither should it be fussy and tedious and therefore it offers fresh, simple and clean eating. They have made-from-scratch warm and cold salads, sandwiches, multi-grain and gluten free wraps, soups, juices and smoothies. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose intolerant or just someone who is making smarter, healthier meal choices – they have something for everyone and they are here to shake the notion of “healthy food is not tasty”!

Chocolateria San Churro

Vegan Churro at Chocolateria San Churro

As a vegan, if you are craving something sweet then Chocolateria San Churro will take care of your sweet cravings! Churros which are a Spanish specialty are now available at this place and vegans can have the classic churros that are only dusted with sugar. It’s just bueno!

The Yoga House

Vegan Food at The Yoga House

If you’re looking for a peaceful and a rejuvenating café then Yoga House should definitely be on your list.! It is a petite Bungalow situated in one of the by lanes of Bandra. It is a completely health oriented café and has a lot of vegan options… The ground floor is a yoga studio and the restaurant is on the first floor. We definitely recommend their hash browns and their carrot cake, which are simply delicious and healthy!

The Nutcracker

Bagels at The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a small café with pretty ambience and delicious food! It is vegan friendly plus has gluten free options and is known for its breakfast and brunch… Their three been burger, pesto panini and the seven layered cookie dessert are worth relishing!


Vegan food at Bastian

It is a fine dining restaurant, which is elegant and perfect for a date night! If you’re a vegan and your friends and family are pescetarians or non vegetarians then this place is a perfect combination for all. Even though it’s known for its seafood, its vegan and gluten free dishes are equally good. Power packed salads, meals in bowls and yummy desserts to wrap up a satiating meal – you can’t go wrong here.


Vegan Desserts at Deliziamo

Do you have a sweet tooth but also prefer healthy eating? Well, don’t worry; Deliziamo has got you covered! They offer desserts that are healthy, sugar free or made with natural sugars and they also have vegan plus gluten free options. It is a delivery based dessert parlour and one can enjoy desserts guilt free! Their toasted 7 seed chocolate brownie and chocolate hazelnut fudge are just heavenly!

Out of the blue

Vegan Pizza at Out Of The Blue

At Out of the blue, something’s always happening! They recently came up with their very own vegan pizza, which is quite appetizing… Apart from that, they also veganize some of their dishes from the menu on request! This restaurant’s ambience is very charming and it is spacious. Also, a great place to host events, parties and business luncheons.

The bagel shop

Vegan Bagel Sandwich at The Bagel Shop

The bagel shop is a pretty laidback place with both indoor and outdoor seating. They make really good bagels; the staff is extremely courteous and will take the time to explain the menu and recommend the right dishes. Plus they have vast variety of vegan and gluten free options. Also, they have fresh salads and refreshing beverages.

Buddha bowl

Vegan Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowl is a unique take out establishment that promises to provide Asian gourmet experience at your doorstep! Get cozy at home with your favourite movie and call for a Buddha bowl for a lazy evening… Nutritional balance and delicate flavours are combined to create really nourishing dishes. If you’re a vegan then you must try their signature bowl, Pho!

Juss By Sindhful

Vegan Sindhi Food at Juss By Sindhful

Juss By Sindhful is a two storey restaurant that serves authentic Sindhi cuisine and has a rustic ambience with some vintage elements! They have two menus; the one by Juss has authentic Sindhi dishes and thalis, which can all be veganized.  The service is quite prompt and the restaurant is moderately priced! If your taste buds tickle for some Sindhi food then you must go to Juss By Sindhful.


Vegan Food at Herbivore

The Herbivore kitchen makes delicious North Indian, Italian, Asian and Mexican cuisine; while it is not exactly located in Bandra, they do deliveries in Bandra! It only has a vegetarian menu and several vegan options! The ingredients are quite fresh and it is fairly pocket friendly…

Healthy Treats

Vegan Cake at Healthy Treats

Desserts with healthy and clean ingredients are definitely all the rage right now. Healthy Alternatives is an on demand bakery to satiate all your sweet cravings, guilt free. They have a wide variety of vegan and gluten free options They make vegan and gluten free bite sized muffins, cup cakes, muffins, brownies and cakes plus savoury muffins and dips! This place is definitely a vegan dessert paradise!

Bombay Bizare Baker

Vegan Desserts at Bombay Bizare Baker

Tara Bose Kapur,an expert home-baker is popular for catering to the needs of the gluten free, lactose free, sugar free, vegan and keto diets. She is featured under the name “Bombay Bizare Baker” and her vegan cakes are to die for! Also, her dairy free and gluten free mousse is just divine. Vegans no longer have to worry about getting awesome birthday cakes for special occasions.

Plant based/ vegan folks, it’s not difficult anymore with this list to eat out and simply enjoy some Plant based/ vegan delicious meals. Leave your comments below to let us know if we have forgotten any of your favourite locations.

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